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Staged Living Room
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Staged Living Room
Staged Bathroom
Staged Kitchen
Staged Living Room
Staged Dining Room
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What We Do

Home Staging

When looking to purchase a home, most potential home buyers make a decision within 30 seconds upon entering a home, so it is crucial that the first impression is an inviting and welcoming one. Just as … Read More

Staged Entryway


The art of redesign or staging to stay can easily transform your space, by re-using and rearranging your existing furnishings, artwork and accessories, to give it a fresh perspective and new energy. … Read More


Home Staging Colour

The right paint colour palette can enhance the architectural details of a room and your own personal and distinctive style. Colour can evoke the right mood or lifestyle. It can trigger emotions such … Read More

Staged Living Room

Our Process

Home staging helps to maximize your home’s appeal to not just a broad audience, which has advantages, but more importantly, appealing to the ”right” audience by creating an environment that the right buyer wants to live in which is essential to a quick and profitable sale.   Here’s how we do it:

  • Our Consultation
  • Our Staging Report
  • Our Quote
  • Our Staging Process

We will meet with you and go through your home, room by room to determine what areas need to be addressed in order to deliver the best possible results for you.

Within 12 hours, we will deliver to you a comprehensive Checklist Report which will assess and identify the keys areas of the home to emphasize and highlight.  Often times, recommendations will be made beginning with decluttering, depersonalizing and organizing.   Minor repairs or updates will be suggested for example painting and removing excess furniture.

Once the consultation has been completed, we will provide a quote for our staging services which will include rental of  accessories, art or whatever is necessary to showcase your home to its fullest potential.

As soon as all of the recommendations in the Checklist Report have been completed, we will attend at your home upon the agreed date to stage with our rental furniture, art and décor.  It is recommended that the real estate photographer be scheduled to attend at the house later in the afternoon to take pictures/virtual tour.

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