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Kitchen and Dining staged

It all starts with a Consultation that will aid in selling your home faster and for top dollar. Consultation fees start from $300.00+, depending upon the square footage of the home.

The initial walk through consultation, evaluation and comprehensive Checklist Report will assess and identify the key areas of the home to emphasize and highlight. You will have the option of hiring Setting the Stage to complete all that is necessary to showcase your home to its fullest potential, always in accordance with your budget or completing some or all of the tasks recommended in the Checklist Report yourself.

Home Staging

When looking to purchase a home, most potential home buyers make a decision within 30 seconds upon entering a home, so it is crucial that the first impression is an inviting and welcoming one. Setting the Stage’s home staging services will create a visually appealing and dynamic lasting impression. There is a psychological benefit from the home being in “show home” condition. It helps create an emotional connection where the buyer has fallen in love with the home, compelling him to want to make the purchase. Home staging can transform ordinary and every day homes into highly sought after properties. Home staging showcases the home’s positive features and downplays the less appealing qualities of the home. Setting the Stage’s home staging services will help ease the stress of selling your home by handling the preparation details, including overseeing the completion of painting and/or minor repairs/renovations by its preferred skilled trades.

Setting the Stage’s services include:

– De-cluttering, depersonalizing and organizing
– Comprehensive décor and colour scheme expertise
– Strategic placement of existing furniture, lighting, accessories and artwork for optimal design and flow
– Adding a few simple accessories and/or artwork, as needed
– Suggest space planning – determining the best traffic flow patterns and sense of balance
– Creating a focal point and building layers of interest in each room, without being distracting to the eye
– Interior makeover project co-ordination – preferred access to skilled trades from painting to minor repairs
and renovations
– Furniture, art and décor  rentals to best suit the space for vacant staging
– Recommend improvements for the best outside curb appeal
– Personal shopping for furniture and décor
– Photo shoot set up for Open House or advertising


We specialize in working with most of your own existing furnishings and enhancing your home with our large selection of upscale and high quality inventory.  Our decors consist of artwork, mirrors,   coffee and end tables, cushions, floral arrangements and silk trees, linens, bedding, lighting, area rugs, white towels and a wide variety of accessories that can update your home easily  and cost effectively to coordinate, compliment and complete the professionally staged look. By strategically placing selective inventory, an emotional connection is created with potential  buyers, giving your home a look that buyers will find irresistible.    We know exactly what today’s buyers are expecting and desiring to see in a home.   Our inventory and decor is updated regularly so that we remain current with today’s design trends.

Colour – Decorating

Several things must be considered before a colour selection is made. Colour is affected by natural light source and undertones or reflections in flooring, countertops and furnishings. Have you struggled looking through hundreds of colour paint chips?  It can become an overwhelming, confusing and a time consuming task. We are exclusively trained to use colour to create a space that is harmonious and complements all the elements.  Setting the Stage will help you achieve a harmonious flow throughout your home by helping you choose the best paint colours to enhance  your space.  Once colours have been determined, it sets the basis of the design scheme.


The art of redesign can easily transform your space, by re-using and rearranging your existing furnishings, artwork and accessories, to give it a fresh perspective and new energy. By applying the elements of space planning, colour, balance and harmony, redesign can increase the functionality and enjoyment of your space, in a cohesive way, without having to buy anything new!

Feng Shui

What is Feng Shui? Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of balancing, harmonizing and connecting with your personal environment to enhance the flow of energy around you within the home. By applying Feng Shui fundamentals into your home, it can have a profound impact on how you feel and function in your space.

All fees are subject to HST.