John Sooran, Toronto

 We recently put up our house for sale and Kathy was one of the professionals who helped us.

 First of all, Kathy is a very pleasant person, without any airs or presumptions that she knows better than you or what you have is not up to snuff.  She is a professional and we let her do what she thought she had to do without giving her advice or our own opinions, not that we felt that we needed to. We felt at ease with her.  She re-arranges your stuff, adds a few of her own things here and there without overpowering the place, repaints , retouches and creates a market/marketable image.  After she was done, many people told us that they really liked what they saw here.

Incidentally, the house sold quickly and I am sure that her contributions to this were significant.  My wife and I appreciate her contribution.


John Sooran, Toronto